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The kind of neighborhood gathering for spirits, wine and bites in the Rice Village for which we've been waiting.

A courtyard entry with a summer-European feel – complete with candles and comfortable seating – leads the way into an inviting space where the casual and friendly hospitality set the stage.

Whether sharing stories at the friendly bar, sitting in an intimate corner or gathering with a group at the community table, there’s always something interesting to see, and definitely, always something great to eat and drink at Simone on Sunset.

We have amazing cocktails that will tantalize your palate. Don’t be afraid to ask our bartenders for something special and not the usual Rum and Coke.



(346) 980-8107



2418 Sunset Blvd #A
Houston, Texas 77005



Mon- Wed 4 PM–12 AM
Thurs -Fri   4 PM – 2AM
Sat   3 PM -2 AM
SUN  3 PM–10 PM



5:00 - CLOSE



1.       4 Parking spots in front of Simone on Sunset.

2.       Both sided of Morningside between Sunset Blvd and Albans St.

3.       Street parking on North side (Simone Side) of Sunset Blvd between Kelvin and Morningside.

4.       Street Parking on both sides of sunset Blvd beyond (East of) Morningside.

5.       After 7:30 PM when signs are posted (2430 Sunset) including the handicapped parking.

6.       After 7:30 PM when signs are posted (2430 Sunset) In The Back down the driveway..  Please don’t block the driveway.


To book the private room please email